Dashiel Brahmann Speaks On Architecture, Design, and Collaboration.



Read what visionary designer, Dashiel Brahmann, had to say about

his past collection and collaboration project, "Shadows."

Palmgren House, by John Pawson

Palmgren House, by John Pawson

DASHIEL BRAHMANN is the owner and label 
designed to offer unique contemporary 
style and utility for everyday life. 

His inspiration strives to pair both the
abstract element of nature and contemporary 
clean lines derived from the modern 
metropolitan lifestyle. The brand aims to 
deliver clean and natural minimal garments.



artist credits:

Bob Wataru, Nadia Sarwar, Drex Drechsel



On Collaborating:

Nadia and Drex /

I always loved Nadia and Drex's work. I honestly had no idea that they were as talented as they were until after years of knowing them. I've been good friends with each of them for about 4 years now. Nadia has such a unique way in which she looks at the world. Her images obscure and challenge the viewers perspective of the content in which they encapsulate. Drex on the other hand works in a very calculated manner. The amount of knowledge and understanding he has behind the lens or computer is insane. Seriously, his camera and photoshop skills are next level. 

Bob /

Bob has a soft effortless and elegant style with a bit of an edge. He's rather unique. The collection was actually originally shot on Bob a year prior so everything was fit for him. He was a good fit for the clothes that I was working on and it didn't hurt that he was and is a good friend. Also, Nadia and Drex really wanted to work with him and they put together the location and timing (for "Shadows"). 

On The Shoot Itself:

The shoot came together rather organically. We shared a common approach to our perception of fashion and he actually featured me on his blog the same day. Nadia and Drex I met through my friend and photographer, Izzy, while at a party in Chelsea. I actually finished this collection a year prior and never really had the chance to photograph it properly because of the insanity of school and interning at Thom Browne. 

On Inspiration:

While working on the designs for this collection I was diving deep into the works of Architect John Pawson. The collection was inspired by the sum of his work but I truly fell in love with one in particular, The Palmgren House in Drevviken, Sweden. The minimalist interior layout combined with an open floor plan and natural toned colored materials, creates a seamless connection between the outdoor scenery and interior space. Especially when covered in snow! This idea of approaching design from a holistic perspective struck me. I wanted to create this collection with the idea in mind of the wearers environment in mind and utilize the natural elements they're surrounded by everyday. It's a spring summer collection and here in NY summer can get rather humid. Keeping that in mind I implemented certain design details such as cotton/silk ventilation panels, opaque silk organza shirting, zip/button on or off transformational details and high placed functional ventilated seams. My aim is to allow the user to remain comfortable while offering a clean, minimal and dimensional wardrobe. 

Screen Still From Fear and Love,  A gonzo collaboration with the Design Museum and John Pawson, click to watch the video. 

Screen Still From Fear and Love, A gonzo collaboration with the Design Museum and John Pawson, click to watch the video.