Uni Jewelry Spring / Summer 2017 Campaign


Uni Jewelry is a unique line of wearables inspired by Japanese aesthetics and 1970s bohemianism. Based in Portland, Oregon and founded by jeweler Kiersten Crowley, this modernist brand sets a refreshing tone with it's minimalistic appeal and simplistic attention to detail. Carved from wax and then cast in bronze and silver each piece offers a distinctive sense of subtlety. 

We were particularly drawn to the visuals that accompanied the brand's most recent collection–art directed by Crowley herself, Uni's spring/summer 17 campaign offers a dreamy exploration into the relationship between the form of the body and the form of an object.


On The Brand:

"Uni mostly represents form in it's most primal state.  I am influenced by many facets from architecture to sculpture to the female form.  I love working in wax because the possibilities are literally endless.  My favorite part of being a designer is the process, allowing time and room for play and experimentation have always been the biggest part of this journey for me.  My vision for Uni is to continue to grow as a designer and hope that the pieces are worn and loved by those who are drawn to them."


On Art Direction:

"Living in the NW I am very aware of how light influences mood. Depending on the time of day there are often wonderful shadows and reflections that fall at different intervals throughout my studio.  Sometimes we get lucky during shoots and can take advantage of the very white light that hit's at just the right moments.  I am very drawn to light and shadow and very ethereal imagery so I often try to convey a quiet stillness in my campaigns.  Softness in the female form and earthy colors are always a must."

words by Kiersten Crowley.

See more from the spring campaign below. 



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