Kim Høltermand Captures the Poetry of Shadow and Subject in His series, "The Fashionist"


With an incredible eye for tone and aesthetic, Danish photographer Kim Høltermand shoots architecture and landscape photos creating series of striking digital imagery.  Kim shares visuals from his project, "The Fashionist" with Maren Journal. 

On his work: Location / Subject

I knew of Amager Strandpark (where I shot the series) from my former work but wanted to incorporate a fashion model and contacted Mathias who is the guy in the series (Instagram: @mathiasbindslet) and we took a walk for a couple of hours along Amager Strandpark in sunny weather. Mathias' style mixed with my use of B/W just added to the contrasts and gave a the series a great vibe.

On his influences: Life / Events

In 2008 I moved into a house that used to belong to two landscape architects who had not terminated their subscriptions to several architectural magazines. I started reading them and boom - it grew in my mind, why not start shooting architecture? So with no former knowledge of how to operate a camera i bought my first DSLR, a Canon 350D (which actually landed me my first cover on german architectural magazine Baumeister) and here I am now.

On his process: 50 /50

I either grow a concept over time in my mind and go shoot it or I shoot spontanously and sometimes I get something usefull. Its a 50/50 process.

Currently listening to: 'Hammock' - american post rock/ambient band from Tennessee 

Currently reading: The magazines I am currently being featured in (Brygg Magazine, A New Type of Imprint Vol.10 and 99U Magazine)

Currently living in: Søborg, close to Copenhagen

Currently really into: Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi (1864-1916) and his use of light and muted tones