Imani Clovis's Work Draws From Traditional Japanese Gardens and Zen Aesthetics


Imani Clovis is a visual artist and civil engineer. Originally born in the Congo, he now lives and works out of London.

His work is based on a minimal aesthetic with a belief of 'less is more.'

Imani purposefully seeks a way to communicate as few design elements as possible while still offering the audience the full scope of the piece. 

Structure 01 by Imani Clovis.jpg

On Inspiration: 

I'm mostly inspired by Zen Aesthetics found in Japanese traditional gardens. These gardens are originated in medieval Japan and are renowned for their simplicity and serenity. I want my work to have a similar effects. There are different principles and lessons that we can learn from the Zen Arts. For me, they have taught me two main principles; to keep my work plain and simple and in a natural manner. This includes eliminating what does not matter to make room for what matters, which can be a challenge for creatives as we are full of ideas and sometimes we can get carried away and try to place it all in one piece.

Secondly, when creating a piece I try to convey the symmetry of the natural world through asymmetry and incompletion. The effect of this is that room is left for the viewer to participate in the creation by supplying the missing symmetry.

Structure 02 by Imani Clovis.jpg
Structure 03 by Imani Clovis.jpg