The InBetween with Sara Polmar


Sara Polmar is a product and furniture designer based in Oslo Norway. Polmar's work in "Between" brings to life a whimsical approach to structured design. Her use of color and shape help define the piece both physically and metaphysically placating to our sense of design with curved edges and soft lines.  

"Between is neither sofa or armchair, and facilitates different ways to sit alone or in the company of others. The prototype is composed with seat, back and armrest dressed in beautiful Norwegian wool fabrics. The different structures and colors create an interesting combination, and the expression can easily be altered by choosing and combining other textiles. Between is suitable for the contract market as well as for your home, and can easily be developed into a series of seating for one, two or more people."


Main photo: Siren Lauvdal / Structure 2016

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