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November 25, 2017


"Trends come and go which eliminates individuality. I'm a firm believer in developing your own personal style– making any piece you purchase your own, allowing it to be your canvas."


Favorite Food: Middle Eastern food.  

Current Favorite Book: I enjoy looking through visual publications such as Unconditional Magazine.

Favorite Place For Inspiration: Everyday moments.


Arche: What were you doing before Vincetta?

Deanna: I found any way to be a part of the fashion industry through internships, freelance jobs, assisting designers and stylists, and working in tech design. My goal was to learn different aspects of the business, so that’s what I did. While I had an idea of what I wanted to do, all of my experience helped me solidify my goals for myself and Vincetta.

Arche: What made you want to start your own brand?

Deanna: There were many reasons, but the main reason was that I felt I had something new to say within the world I was determined to create around Vincetta. 

I wanted to help re-define what beauty looked like by creating elevated, unpretentiously designed pieces that would accommodate all body types (particularly curvy women). Essentially, I wanted the women that were wearing my clothes to feel like the women that were being represented in the media and that they were, in fact, just as beautiful.

Arche: What’s the meaning behind the name “Vincetta?” What does it mean to you?

Deanna: Vincetta is of Latin Origin meaning – “To Win, To Conquer”. This means so much to me and for sure has room for interpretation. All I know is I wanted to create a strong brand for women who define themselves and do not let others do that for them.

Arche: Is there or was there anyone who really inspired you or had a profound impact on what inspires you now?

Deanna: My mother has always been my muse.  She was elegant, kind, intelligent, and so many other things.  Unfortunately, she took her own life when I was four years old. An accumulation of different things led to her feeling excluded and uncomfortable in her own skin. I never want anyone else to feel like they don’t belong or feel the need to fit a mold that is unrealistic. In the end, clothes are the skin we wear, and it should accommodate you, not the other way around.


"Essentially, I wanted the women that were wearing my clothes to feel like the women that were being represented in the media and that they were, in fact, just as beautiful. "


Arche: When did you decide to move to New York?

Deanna: I knew I wanted to move since I was 15 or 16 years old.  In 2011, I finally made it out here.

Arche: You talked about how a few pieces are one sized or two sized-- they fit a variety sized women and this was purposeful and important to you why?

Deanna: To master fit for completely different body types is not easy to accomplish. It’s taken time to get to this point honestly, because you can’t simply make something oversized and call it one size fits all.  


It’s purposeful to the brand’s mission because we are here to accommodate many if not all body types especially since, as women, our bodies are always changing. Therefore the clothing should be able to work around this as well.

Arche: How do you feel about trends in fashion?

Deanna: I’ve never been a trendy person and have never seen the point of buying into trends. Trends come and go which eliminates individuality. I'm a firm believer in developing your own personal style- making any piece you purchase your own, allowing it to be your canvas.



Arche: How do you create timelessness within your designs and fabric choices. ( Speaking to the effect of how, for example, silk is a year round fabric, and we just need to expand our education on fabric to understand the versatility in the textiles we wear. )

Deanna: The idea of being season-less is to primarily create pieces that can be incorporated into your wardrobe year round. Timelessness is approached through fabrication, fit, line, and silhouette. Silk is our most used fabric and in my opinion one of the most versatile. It has cooling and heating properties and just feels like such a dream on your skin. We’ve also introduced other fabrics such as knits, linens, and cottons. I love using natural materials and always have – they just breathe, feel, and look the best. Once someone invests in Vincetta, they realize how great the fit, fabric, and versatility is. People get that education just by investing in the brand.  

Arche: You often spoke on while sustainability is a part of the brand, it’s not the focus–– you’d rather take the approach that sustainability should be expected of our brands. So what are your beliefs on sustainability as it relates to your brand?

Deanna: I stand by that statement- it should just be a given! Enough with using it for marketing purposes or a pat on the back. Expect more from your brands and others in all industries. It’s our responsibility to have the cleanest possible supply chain and to ensure the clothing is not made at the expense of someone else’s well-being. At Vincetta, sustainability is not just a “term” we throw around but a basic principle of who we are as a brand and company. Every decision that is made, we make sure that it’s ethical, clean, and sustainable for all the parties involved.




Arche: You talked about your mentors-- what has been your experience with them and how have they helped you grow as a creative person and business owner?

Deanna: I value my mentors very much.  They get me to see things that sometimes I’m too close to see.  They remind me to value myself and trust myself.  They offer comfort or tough love (whichever is more needed in that moment)

Arche: How have you changed within your business, what have you shifted focus on or found a passion for while growing your brand?

Deanna: I love a good challenge. I’ve evolved from being just a designer to understanding how to build a brand and run a business.  

This was essential in order to allow the creative side to thrive. I continue to learn about other aspects of the business from friends, mentors, and other brand owners. To be open to change is when evolution happens which is an exciting thing!I’ve found a passion for brand building, creative direction, and marketing. I’ve realized how key this is and how much creativity is involved. It’s a perfect sweet spot where creative meets business.

Arche: What’s next for Vincetta?

Deanna: Ideally? More visibility. Brand awareness will be super important to the growth of the brand.  We have several exciting projects in the works which is top secret for now ;) You’ll be hearing more from us soon!

Photography — Viktor Jelinek
Interview —  Nora Jelinek
Editor — Victoria Bagger